Advisory & Consulting Services

Intermarket has extensive experience in providing real estate advisory and consulting services to both private and public sector clients; a partial list of our services is as follows:

1. Development Management

Intermarket’s objective is to combine institutional standards of professionalism with a strong entrepreneurial mindset. We achieve this objective through three main strengths:

Intermarket has a proven track record in finding opportunistic investments that require innovative solutions. We have extensive planning and urban design experience; and utilize tools such as Computer Aided Design and Drafting (CADD) resources to model new concepts that allows tenants, planning staff and politicians to also visualize our ideas. Examples of this include:

• Converting a forty year old industrial complex into two state-of-the-art loft office buildings

• Renovating vacant airplane hangars and adjacent lands into a major sports complex; and

• Restoring an old, run-down, 19th century school house into a modern new restaurant

The Intermarket team has significant experience in building construction and land servicing; so we can implement creative solutions that are also cost-effective and feasible. We have accomplished this in the past by:

• Constructing bridges to access parking areas

• Servicing industrial lands by tunneling under railway tracks to connect to a residential sub-division; and

• Managing the servicing and construction for all types of development projects

Development today requires a detailed understanding of zoning bylaws; as well as the Planning ActGreen Belt and Places to Grow legislation. Intermarket has extensive knowledge and experience with these policies and regulations which allow us to work with staff, politicians and adjacent land owners to expedite approvals. This experience assists in creating value by:

• Finalizing complex Official Plan and zoning bylaw amendments to change land use designations and obtaining all approvals from Provincial regulatory agencies

• Completing involved land assemblies, property exchanges and land dispositions; and

• Negotiating complex cost-sharing agreements for servicing that saves substantial amounts of money

2. Asset Management

Intermarket can assist owners in making the right real estate investments and decisions as it takes diverse expertise, real world experience and innovative solutions. We can provide advice on acquisition or disposition of real estate assets, as well as asset strategy, market intelligence and forecasting, location analysis, feasibility studies, due diligence and valuation of properties.

We start by working closely with our clients to understand their investment objectives. We then match their interests with the opportunities we see in the marketplace, including re-development scenarios. We keep our clients fully apprised of all types of investment options and highlight ways in which we can create value for each asset.

3. Leasing

Whether an owner is looking for the ideal tenant mix to add value to its real estate portfolio or a tenant is seeking the perfect location to support business goals, Intermarket delivers leasing results. Our services encompass a broad range of capabilities including leasing office, retail and industrial space, site location searches, and consulting on issues such as tenant mix, location and layout.

Intermarket is an industry leader in creating marketing material and employing extensive print and digital marketing campaigns. We work with brokers and leasing agents to aggressively pursue new tenancies, as well as renewals, and have a proven track record in finalizing deals.

4. Tenant Coordination and Services

Intermarket has extensive experience in providing tenant services in order to facilitate the final stages of development because we understand the importance of working with end-users. Intermarket staff approaches each project with a sense of urgency, responsiveness and quality that remain our core objectives. Issues relating to schedules, tenant criteria, renovations and other requirements can sometimes present unique challenges in ensuring each project meets the expectations of both the Owner and the Tenant. Intermarket excels in these situations based on our extensive construction experience and innovative problem solving abilities. Intermarket’s tenant services provide solutions that successfully align ownership goals with tenant objectives. From renovations and expansions to new retail and office space, we execute a plan designed to maximize the potential of each new tenant space.

Examples of our most recently completed tenant services include: 

Fast-tracking office space construction: Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care 

Intermarket expedited a new office build-out to meet a very tight timeframe for a tenant with an expiring lease and no over-hold provisions relating to their previous office space. A competitive procurement process; as well as construction of the space was managed by Intermarket and all work was completed on-time and on-budget.

Tenant Coordination and Services: Ministry of Health Office Space

Build-out of high quality retail space: Reebok 

Working with a large, multi-national retailer, Intermarket managed the construction process of a high quality fit-up for retail space. With a focus on high-quality design, as well as the budget, Intermarket provided a series of recommendations to enhance the look and feel of the space without compromising the project from a financial standpoint. The retail fit-up was completed on-time and on-budget complete with all of the high-end features requested by the Tenant.

Tenant Coordination and Services: Reebok Retail Store

Complicated restaurant expansion and restoration: Moose Winooski’s 

Managing a complex renovation of a functioning restaurant presented a multitude of challenges, as the restaurant remained open for business throughout the process. Intermarket worked closely with the architectural, construction, and interior design teams to formulate detailed schedules, design drawings, and construction budgets for the renovation. Components of the original restaurant were retained, renovated and connected to the new construction; and all work was completed on-time and on-budget.

Tenant Coordination and Services: Moose Winooski Restaurant

5. Sustainability Initiatives

Intermarket includes environmentally sustainable solutions in our developments ranging from LEED certification to more innovative solutions such as District Energy opportunities. In our initial analysis, we consider the environmental impact of the recommendations we provide and incorporate sustainable initiatives into each project.  We have completed LEED certified office and retail complexes; as well as designed entire projects around green spaces.

This type of experience, coupled with our background in retro-fitted buildings provides our clients with these additional and specialized services.


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